Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Zaba's dinner

long time no meet the college's dinner. btw, I'm an zabarian in this dearest UKM main campus.
1st thing that came in my mind before having dinner is: what will I wear dude? yeah guess so that this problem will haunting all of the students especially girls. n I'm glad that I have a baju kebaya that I'm not yet wearing for previous Raya (cos lom siap agi time uh). see? how easy things if you have the solution to overcome it? (erm. everybody knows rite how is it feels when 1 probs simply settled)

so on 19th of March 2008 located at Dectar (got any problem? u think the dinner will be held at hotel? haha sadly nope). went there by Ain's car. thanks so much Ain! (though the college provided bus for us, but hey who prefer bus rather than a car right? lol)

me: wearing baju kebaya
echa: a baju kurung (tak sempat nk prepare katenye)
ain nordin: night dress (seriously she can sleep with the dress bcos cam baju tido pon ader)
dila: baju kebaya gak. ala2 jawa gituh.
ain Rosli: just a simple attire. lari tema nih.
Nad: dasyat2. I'll show you the picture then u judge it by urself. hehe. dun angry2 nad.. :P
Miza: simple but I like the hair style actually. suits her i guess.

hurmm. ape mau cite ar? ok, the dinner goes well. beginning with nasyid by Soutul Zaba (translate: suara Zaba). then got performances from Chinese, Indian and also special appearance by Hatta. He really gotta nice voice. really suits with the song: Seribu Tahun by Imran Ajmain. I also agreed 100% with the result of King and Queen of the night. :)

ok la, enough then. As usual, I'll embedded some of the pictures here as the quote saying: Picture speaks a thousand words..

1. echa, me and ain Rosli

2. Ain nordin and Dila

3. Echa and me (again?)

4. Love.

5. cekik Miza~

6. fantastic performance! (that's why I snap this pic)

7. Miza, Ain and Dila

8. Me and Nad

9. Kak Ct and me (FYI, we are cousins. both are cute right? hehe)

10. kawan2 lame x jumpaa

11. Ateh, Kak La, and me (Along) ~

12. sengal gile! (look how funny my face looking at Nad n Ain.. hehe)

13. adorable? keh3

14. we are already tired posing skema rama

15. hau ke ai (very cute!)

16. wo men ke ai he gilos (kami cute dan gilos!)

17. penatnye kak la. jum tido yok~

18. sempat lagi wat aksi sengal dlm bilik. (post-dinner) haha

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