Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Holding hands...

Holding hands….
Seems like this is a simple way to show that we care towards somebody.
Maybe it could happen simply when you walk together, hanging out together or when you across the streets especially when the cars move here and there so fast that you couldn’t estimate its speed.

But I wonder if there’s anybody in the world that didn’t like to holding hands with anybody else. As a Muslim, as we know, holding hands (or anything regarding to purposely touching somebody’s skin) between people that categorized as non-muhrim (I don’t know the proper words to used. I’ll check this later) is prohibited. Well, this is categorized as a no-no in Islam though the scenario is quite usual to be seen in our community. No offense people, as the main purpose of I’m typing this is not to give any tazkirah regarding on the dos and don’ts in a relationship. (Well, to be honest, I’m not that sacred as you may think, I’m not an angel, just a normal person with a plain normal life).

The purpose of me writing this is … which may sound weird for some of you out there. But yes, I’m really pathetic and totally awkward when holding hands with anybody else. Either the people are boy or girl. I don’t know why. I can’t easily hold hands (how many times I want to repeat this statement eh?) whenever I’m holding hands with somebody, I’ll try my best to loose it. The situation is really uncomfortable for me la. *Giggle*

Unless when I have to, such as holding babies or toddles (love it especially the cute one! *Giggle* bias in disguise) helping disable people, well I’m not that cruel to just stare towards people in front of me that need help.

So, I hope that there’s a reason why people like me does exist in this world. Hey don’t get me wrong. I just want to know why there are some people who don’t like holding hands. Why? Why? Though this is not a big problem to some of you out there, but sometimes it’s really bugging me day and night. *giggle*

By the way, I just found this useful link regarding on this matter. lol. have fun! :P

WikiHow - How to Hold Hands

aiyaaa! chotto matte neh! forgot to tell ya that I've already taste the food in BBQ Chicken Restaurant in Metropoint Kajang. Usually me and all my colleagues; Ain, Umi and Azie just having our lunch at Apex's Cafe. But today, there's someone soooo generous to treat us for lunch; Umi Fasihah la, sape lagi.. heheehhee thanx sooo much Umi!
I've fallen in love with the Korean Charbroiled Chicken!! (>.<) It taste more or less like sate but somehow, the taste is two-thumbs-up-super-duper-delicious! as if I can fly whenever I chew the chicken! ok, I know it may sound quite exaggerate but you guys have to believe in me that it's worthy to spend about rm15 to have the combo set for lunch at this restaurant. There's some pictures of me, Ain, Umi and Azie having lunch there but it's still in my hand phone. I'll transfer it later la kay. *giggle*

As usual, I've found this link as a reference for those who want to know more bout this dish:

Korean BBQ Chicken Restaurant: Charbroiled Chicken

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