Friday, August 31, 2012

Jalan keluar?


There are things that we can share with people..

Most of them, we share, we speak it out, we try to seek for ideas, opinions..

But there are also things that it is best to be keep..

Rather than spill it to anybody..that surrounded us

There are times where I thought that I really need my mom so bad,

So that I can explain, share, get ideas from her

But I know, she's already gone

I know I still have my dad, my sister, my brothers, my fiance, relatives, friends

But still, I opt to keep it by myself

And in the end,

I knew what I really have to rely on is Allah..

I have to put trust on Him

Believe Him the most rather than His creatures

Ya Allah, forgive me for every bad things I've done

For every sins


My stage now:

..planning bout my wedding day, my housemate told me first thing to do is going to Kursus Kahwin then can proceed other things

..waiting for an application..qualified or not, I don't know. mode, blend of ups and downs..hmm

..whatever it is, I strongly advise you guys to take 11minutes to watch this great videos, bout repents, bout how to fix our relationship with Allah..He alone can fix our problems..He's the One..Allah

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