Friday, October 7, 2011

9 (not-so) Deadly Words used by a Woman..

Assalamualaikum & good evening to all. or should I say morning coz it's already 1am :p

Feels like ages not typing any here, n here I am, back to business (lah sangat..hehe)

Currently, as usual woke up every morning, went to Poli, teaching, discussing, doing side task (tugas sampingan), documentation, doing students' assessments, having meetings, updating notes, etc etc etc..

n tomorrow, Friday will came, n I will be the most happiest person in the world as I will head to my lovely home at Sepang, but only if I drove 3hours long. fuh! Can u feel it?

tak lame lagi, bout a week long, I will go somewhere I've never been in my life. but preparation memang zero kot! bag takdak, camera takdak. yg ade hanyelah kasut yg sgt sedap. n juga baju2 hasil dermaan my sis as she's not wearing it for the moment.

n somehow, I found this 1 cool article. bout certain words that women said but gives 1001 meanings in spite of the literally meanings. n I ought some of the guys really knew it once they became close with any girl in their life. It's just they don't want to think bout it as what we girls usually think deep bout it. Oh what the heck I'm babbling eh? :P

now, check this cool article: (n surely I'll elaborate it

Ok, done reading? double-click if want to view larger! :)

So that's it. Sape2 yang suke gune all those words? hehe. jom explain satu2. agaga

1. Fine.
-malas nak panjang2 gado lagi. wakaka. but most of time I guess most of guys love to argue with the girl he can argue with. bagi aku kalo takde perbalahan dunia cam pengap. means bosan sikit loer. tol dak?

2. 5 minutes
- hehe. utk orang yg punctual, Five Minutes is really means 5 minutes right? but for me.. erm..ermm..

3. Nothing.
-haaaa, this is the most dangerous word I guess. even me myself sometimes unintended to use it, but really gives the same meanings as stated in the article. n it feels soooo good if he could detect what's going on in my head. thanx !!! (tp bile ckp nothing mmg tengah berapi kot.wakaka)

4. Go ahead.
- it is something like this situation:

Guys: I ingat nak poligami la, bagus tu..dpt mengeratkan silaturahim sesama insan.

Girls: ok, kalo berani buat la. (walhal dlm hati cam nak mengamuk kot. haha)

oh n btw, marah or cemburu tu tandanya sayang. so guys, u got the hint rite? so do you still dare to do anything when the girl say: "Go ahead" ??

5. Loud sigh.
- haha. another thing yang kalo dah terkeluar then tak perasan. Only when people re-make the sound then u aware of it. lol. for me, it doesn't mean anything. it's just a voice. or influenced by any drama or movies? or whatever surrounded me.

6. That's ok.

The most dangerous thing is when u keep on arguing bout something. n the girl end up like this:

"Ok :) "

plus smile. than u should read it inversely like this:

"K.O :( "

watch out guys! :p

7. Thanks
- ask yourself, is the situation is normal when the girl answer it with "Thank You". If it is, then it will imply Thank You itself. If no, than u know well that it's just another sarcasm she's trying to mention but in a dormant way. lol.

But most of the time, for me thanks means thanks. don't think too much bout it. There's a lot important things to think of in your life :D

8. Whatever
- ni namenye malas nak pikir dah. atau bak kate Nabil: "Lu Pikir La Sendiri!!"
n btw, congrats to Nabil for the wedding :D

9. Don't Worry bout it, I got it.
- This usually means she's just have to do things by herself. or bcoz u didn't have enough time for her. n this is somehow means she feels terrible for u are not helping her...seriously. but she's keep on hiding the feelings inside. rotten inside. praying to Allah for not to rely on anybody else in her life. sounds sad huh?

So that's it. What we usually heard or texting is not really what the other person might want to say. Listen with your heart, n you know well what every single little tiny things means..

n btw, R.I.P to Steve Jobs. muda gak 56thn da sampai ajal.

n also, tomorrow's our PM will give a speech bout 2012 Budget. wowww can't wait! oh erh, tomorrow's got meeting plak on that time..tak bestnye tak dpat dengar live like last year. huhuh

hope tomorrow's getting better than u all. n don't forget to pray (solat) & smile always. spread loves & happiness to others!

muack! ^_^

-Siemens Run , Sept 25th, 10km -
(medal finisher haram wa nak dpt. haha semput mak nak) :P


diLa said...

gmbaq ang kuruih laaaa

Ain bintu Amir said...

mane de kurusss..huhuhuhu
still de same jek. ngeh2


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