Thursday, March 22, 2012

first phase?

Assalamualaikum semua~

Selama aku belajar Project Management kat UKM dulu, n skangni ngajar plak student, and also being their supervisor, fasa pertama dalam sebarang projek adalah Perancangan, Project Planning..

hurmmmmmm...n bak kate lecturer aku kat UKM dlu; Dr. Yazrina, time belajar dalam kelas, theoretically u will feel nothing. but once u in a project; the REAL PROJECT where u act as the project manager, then u know how the phases it will initiate the turbulent in your mind..

n somehow, I will be part of it :P Ya Allah, I really need Your guidance..seriously, it makes my mind works like 24/7, 365 per year..non stop..can't stop..

p/s: betulkan yang biasa, biasakan yang betul. can we?

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