Wednesday, October 31, 2012



Everyday we are doing the same things..activity..especially me as an educator..

Routines can really gain boredom, but it turns different when it comes with different people, different students..

Woke up at 6+, nature's call, taking shower, brush teeth, wash my face, Subuh Prayer, iron clothes, switch on the tv, watch MHI just to know the current news, quickly prepare to go to the office, start my car, went to office, arrived, flash card, buy breakfast meal, went upstairs to office, switch on the light, eat breakfast, quickly prepared go to the class, and it's even more clumsy when my class start at 8am.

So, can you really feels how it feels to be me? cewah poyo nye ayat..

and every other day, we have fun, we gain sad moment, getting emotional on certain things, feels happy when people throw laughter on your jokes, we talk about our life, about our childhood, about our beloved family! about what happen last night..

in class, we deal with students, sometimes I myself don't really aware of my face expression, only when i got feedback from students then I know how masam I am sometimes. lol. I love my students! I hope they will benefits from all the knowledge gain in their studying phase. Not just pass in exam, but to be a good human, gain good attitude, can think out of box instead of just being spoon-feed by lecturers. (which is totally not cool at all!)

we make powerpoint slides, or sometimes instruct students to present in group, so that you guys won't be so culture-shock in university later-where no lecturers will guide you the same way we guide and 'pampered' you guys here. Absolute no!

and later, went it's already 5pm. The office still chaos, my colleagues come and go, some of them rush to the flash card machine so that they can fetch their children from the babysitters. Some of them went for Asar is much more easier if the prays is the top priority in life, hati lebih tenang, lebih mudah nak menghabiskan satu-satu keje.

for me, sometimes I change clothes, get ready for evening jog. For the moment, 2 round (3km) is enough for me as my daily routine (or maybe at least twice a week.can meh? lol)

later, went home, take a glance to the surrounding of my house. The landlord lives for about 4 homes away from the house I rent together with Emon.

Getting in, put all the bags, taking shower, ready for Maghrib, Maghrib prayer, take a quick nap where sometimes I can gain 'kebas' at my legs. sakit..n then recite Quran, try understand the meaning, then take a dinner meal. As a single person, I'd rather just eat bread with tuna spread, or with nutella flood all over the bread. lol. sometimes just took cornflakes+milk, sunsweet, any available cake, or green apple. hehe. diet kah? taktau :p

n when the eyes are so heavy, it is just nice went to the bad, n landing like an aeroplane. lol. that's my life. How's yours? Whatever it is, I'm really really syukur to Allah s.w.t for giving me all the nikmat yg tak terhingga, syukur for having such great parents, siblings, family members! colleagues! friends! and also my fiance and later InsyaAllah my husband. InsyaAllah. may the best with us. Pray hard, learn more, smile more, be grateful even more. Syukran Ya Allah! Alhamdulillah..

err, I think I'm already lost the intention for my entry today. Let it be just like what it should be. lol. whatever. adios!


blog-tips-kurus said...

i like to read ur writing.. :)

*please update..

Ain bintu Amir said...

thank youu! just random babbling from my mind. haha :p


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