Monday, October 29, 2012

luahan rasa..

This entry will somehow, contains rojak of story..mind you early!

Assalamualaikum to all readers (if any).

I'm not gonna talk too much (I try). just want to share some of my thoughts for today. Yesterday I am so happy! baking pizza by my own. Alhamdulillah jadi, just doh tak berapa keras. I used 'High Protein Flour' based on my findings in Internet. but maybe I miss some important steps, maybe.

and yesterday watching Loopers really make my mind puzzled, dizziness spread all over my head. lol. found this film with highly recommended from users at website Rotten Tomatoes. overall, i give 4 stars out of 5. Really it made me crazy just to understand the flow of the film. Time travel & action genre. U guys gotta watch! worth i guess, because in the end, it's the mother's touch that somehow can control us from doing the sins. and of course us as Muslim has to abide all the rules from Allah as our Creator.

ok, done with Loopers, I'm gonna focus on what happen today actually. This 1 thing really bug me, maybe for a while, maybe last forever? I don't know. It happens between me and couple of my students. We misunderstood something. And of course, as usual, lecturers are always right when it comes to lecturer+student matters. Even between teachers+students. (but for me, as a human, mistakes is normal, but there's plenty of ways to wisely tell someone their mistakes) because as what we've been told during kids, it is really really important to respects our teachers after our beloved parents. (not included those mind-sicko teachers-maybe only 5% of them exists-maybe lack of inner faith with their religion.)

and what matters here is, is about how the students behave to me, and to some of others lecturers too. We've already think too much on how to 'save' them and try to give the best solutions for them to repair their document, their report to be exact.

"Mane repot yg saya dah tanda before this? So I can compare the correction you've made now"

"Oh, kami dah bukak ring comb"

"****" (dalam hati gua)

"sebab kami nak jimat"

"ohh bab2 belajar nak jimat pulak?"

"awak kene buat banyak pengorbanan mase belajar ni"

and somehow I can't remember one of the student's reply but it's really pissed me off!!

"awak boleh jawab macam tu kat Puan ****** yg dah fikir cara utk repair your report ni?"

and akak colleague aku pon sambung ape yang aku dah cakap tu:

"awak ingat Miss Ain macam ni, dia akan bagi markah tinggi kat awak? We as supervisors don't simply give marks based on your product. but we evaluate you guys all-around. Comprise of (sambil tunjuk rubrik pemarkahan student), comprise of your attitude, effort, your writing, cooperation with your team members. We are not giving marks like your final presentation assessors."

aku dah diam. malas nak bercakap dengan student yang kuat menjawab tapi tak fikir ape impaknya kat dalam hati seorang pengajar. ohh, there's some other things my colleagues mention about:

"awak kene ingat yang awak berurusan dengan manusia. Kami bukan robot yang takde hati & perasaan"

I hope those students manage to think. Time bekeja kalau attitude still sama, sorry to say, you're gonna be hated by your colleagues. Though deep down in my heart I hope that things never happened in anyone especially my own students.

in the end when the students left;

"akak, saya rasa saya pon ade masalah dari segi bla bla bla bla"

yes true, I admit my own mistakes. It seems not good to blame, to keep on saying the students wrong. But I guess I (or even most of my colleagues) will be 'softer' (lembut) if the students keep on listening our suggestions rather than menjawab every little thing we said. Gila. Penat aku rase ha menaip dah boleh jadi 1 entry.

Daripada meluahkan kat orang, somehow it is just nice to share here. Lantak la sape nak bace, bace. yang penting adab dengan pengajar kene jaga. aku bukan malaikat or pembesar ke Datuk or V.I.P. but at least as students, it is best to respect those educators. simple as that!

and me as well, has to improve myself. InsyaAllah I will do that.

To the rest of my students, always know that we lecturers enjoy teaching you, we love to share knowledge with you guys. It is not an easy job mind you. It's all about patient and sacrifice. So please, please, please show at least some respect to your educators. be it a formal educator or even anyone who already teach you knowledge, be it about cooking, life, etc.

"Respect others in order to be respect!" - this quote make me reflects myself; am I lack on respecting others? because life is a circle by the way.

Adios! Wallahu'alam..

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