Monday, August 22, 2011



*tetibe bunyik kucing gadoh luar rumah.

nothing's much want to share here..days went as usual day by day..
woke up in the morning, preparing for classes..facing students, colleagues, tasks, everything..
but still can't find what I want in my life..

Do you feel the same feelings too?

Is not that you want a spouse..or's just you want're searching for something..

It's nice to see people feels so much passion on something..

Some of us have a great passion towards Korean thingy,
Some with outdoor activity..
Some with hangout, shopping..or at least window shopping..
But me?

What am I really looking forward in my life?
No passion at all..null..none..



waNiEsYa said...

errr nak post...tapi bukan kata2 peransang...nak ckp gambar budak tu comellls...

haa jap2...nak cakap gak..wani manyak sangat passion nak buat sampai xtaw nak buat yang mana..last2 lupakan...carik passion yg lain =D...

tapi bila passion yang melibatkan penggunaan duit yang banyak..kena pikir panjang jugak...hhhee

Ain bintu Amir said...

hehhehe..comel kan budak dlm picca ni :)

tu lar, sometimes passion tu dtg, kdg2 langsong takde smpi rase life ni tatau nk bwat ape..huhu

yup, budgeting is really important rite :)

diLa said...

haih, len mcm jek bunyik entry mung neh


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