Monday, April 6, 2009


got this award from mohfir~
thanx dude! hehe :)
He said that I am a Story Teller?
Is it true my dear friends? lol

Ok, back to the term and conditions of this award:

Rules for these brilliant award:
1. copy paste the award at your blog once you got it
2. make an entry if this is like a GRAMMY award =P
3. tag 6 other blogger
4. never break the chain please...(optional). haha-aku tambah.

And these awards goes to:

(The tersalah-SMS-person! haha)

Kak La
(The Story Teller- i rather pass this title to her. lol)

Ain Nordin
(The Laziest Blogger. ever! haha)

(The novel writer. read her blog then u know why. hehe)

Umi Fasihah
(The most hillarious blog ever. hurry up! read her blog. hehe)

Somewhere Only We Know
(The most-awaiting-entry. Seriously :P )


tadi baru dengar lagu Yuna-Dan Sebenarnya fully! nice song dude!
you guys should listen to it too.
paling best kalo kene kat batang idung sendiri ar.
huhu. kidding meh~ :P


Nurain Nordin said...

bkn lazy la..xde idea..buduh!!

noin said...

buktikan weh!
haa :P

MoHFiR - Mohd Firdaus said...

mmg... ain sheep2 oppss... memang pemalas tahap gaban nak update blog beliau... Asyik 'I Terharu Babe" bwekkk!!!

noin said...

tau xpe.
yang kes2 terpencil camtu ade plak idea.
nk kate la Giant die tu ilham die.
haha :P

D's noruaruwani said...

ainto sudah kepurple an lah.......

noin said...

people change u know.
hahak :D~~~

saya lah said...

x 2 pic..mane 1 award nye?

yanafia said...

do link me my second blog..


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