Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I wonder what keeps human happily doing the same things day by day.

as for students : they came to the class everyday (if there's classes on that day)
as for lecturers: they came to the faculty, having meetings.
makcik cleaner: they came every morning to the toilets, cleaning all the stuff, mop the floor, make sure the toilet is hygienic enough for us-students to use it.
bus driver: drive the bus here and there, the same routes everyday. sometimes if they are bored enough, they will start chit-chat with the passengers. Somehow, this remind me of those old days back when I'm a primary school students. Every morning mum will drop us (me and my siblings) to Mak Teh house at Bangi. Then after that we will patiently wait for the bus taking us to school. Just imagine how my mum wake us up every morning and drove from Sepang to Bangi just to make sure her children get optimum education at school.
my mum: wake up every morning, cooking dishes for dinner,went to the office, back from the office, assist my younger brother who will having his UPSR this year. not to forget she's doing the laundry as well as sweep the floor.
my dad: wake up every morning, settling all the bills or anything related to banks, post office etc. Buy the food or even the raw ones just to ensure his family members have balance nutrition and would not starving to death. I respect him so much as he's always there for me when I need someone especially when we(my siblings and I) fall sick.

and here is my part. me? What that I've done to show that I'm responsible towards things? Quite a lot of things I have to do by myself as I'm going to be 21 years old person this upcoming October. Sometimes I felt that, why the time fly so fast? I feel that I'm not really mature enough to face this world on my own.

And there's one thing bugging me all the time. What will I do after finishing my study here in UKM? My mum and relatives advice me to continue doing Masters after this. While for me, I don't have the confidence to further studying in IT. Know why? One of the most crucial thing in IT is programming part. All the IT students knows this feeling (for those who hates coding). And I'm one of them too. Not that I really hate it, but maybe I don't give full attention and polish my programming skills from the beginning of taking this IT course.

Back to the main point, what drives human to do the same things day by day?
And once we know the answer, we would be really grateful and proud of who we are today. Or even we will try our best to put us in the better position sooner.

I'm not even realised that my rubbish talk will extend this far. lol.
what ever it takes, just make sure that we do the best in what ever things we are doing.
cheer up people!
there's always a room for improvement.



nisa ~ shasha said...

ko ni mengkaji aktiviti semua org ke wey? tu ke tajuk tesis ko? hahahaha..

noin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
noin said...

ade la sikit2.
observing people is a great thing to do besides gossiping! lol :P


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