Friday, March 27, 2009

English Couture Night.

College dinner is one of the most awaiting event (yeke?) once u've entered the campus life. haha. The theme for the night is English Couture. It makes me really sick just to find what attire fit the most for the night and with 'hentam kromo' nye daku memilih pakaian tersebut utk dipakai. hehe.
And as there are says that : A pictures is worth a thousand words, so let me just put all the pictures here and feel free to post ur comments then. Enjoy!

Malam Resepsi Gemilang Za'ba

Me. Ain Nordin. Rye.


Miza. Nad. Aku. Kak Il

Lupa Lirik? (In My Place-Coldplay)

Really like this picture! <3

My Band! ?

Yah Again!

TC Girls! :)

Rye wasn't here

Nisasha n me. Both are trying to show off both shoes. lol

Me-standing straight ready to sing the national anthem: Negaraku~

With King of The Night

Ja. Me. Yong (my roommate-thanx for the make up dear~)


Spread Loves :)


diLa said...

aku da penat comment kt fb..;p

Nurain Nordin said...

tibe2 last gmbar ko pkai slipar joponn plak..hahahaha..

.ein said...

agagaga.aku takley blaa pic kau yg kne tepek kat muke.kerpekkkk agagagaga

noin said...

dila: aku tak uplod 1 pic pon kat fb pasal dinner weh. mls da sume org da uplod. haha

ain: tau xpe. sakit gile kaki pakai heels weh. adeh

angah: tu nard ar tuh. cemburu muke wa cun tak ley blah. hahah ;D


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