Friday, June 12, 2009


Should be happy today as I got a good news early in the morning. But I don't know why the feelings just brushed off like the wind. Just to share with you guys, am currently attending the IBM DB2 Class starting from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. In the evening, whenever I felt like jogging, I'll definitely head my way to the UKM Stadium. Joining others who really cares bout their health - lol, no hard feelings kay. During the night, went to the cafe, having dinner. And yes, that's my routine day to day till 24th June, the day the IBM DB2 exam will be held. Deep down in my heart, I felt plain nothing towards it - neither nervous nor prepared. I just don't know what I'm currently felt.

Or is this how it feels when you want to leave a place where you have spent most of your times here. Or is this how the feels of changing the phase of life. Which is in my context , from the studying phase to the work life phase. Duh, it's gonna be very painful. Being a parted from the friends you already knew for quite a long time. Somehow, this situation reminds me of the idiom ; You never truly appreciate something until it's gone. Too many, too many great things I've learn here. Friends, life and so on.

After this, what am I going to do? Having a job or taking Masters? Most of the people around me said that I should further doing Masters as I'm still young - 21 year old on Oct 2009. Still single which implying not married nor engaged lagi la. Looking for a job? It's not as easy as ABC la for sure. I have to attend the interviews, competing with others for the position. Life is not as easy as we plan for sure. But having some plans will ultimately helps us to lead our life. Or is it I'm the one who think too much? There's someone who always said that I think too much. And it always being followed by a long argument between us. Is it wrong with that attitude? Or do I have to take any action with just a blink-of-eyes thought? Duh. Or I'm the one who's lack on prioritising things?

Shocked, I've already put down 3 paragraphs of my silly, damn bored thought. Sorry to say if this entry is quite bored. But it just appear that I just wanna spill it out here.

In the end, what to do? ok, keep on moving and trying. One song keep lingering in my mind regarding on this matter ; The Climb by Miley Cyrus. Such a lovely lyrics yet boosting the inner side of me. Have a nice weekend guys! ;)

My mind just went blank right now. Can't think no more to write down here..


AsYqEeN said...

uhmm.. aku pon pkir same mcm ko pikir..
uh~~ yisau beb.. bila abesh blaja nnt.. pe plan nak bwat.. risau sejak aku mula praktikal tuh.. keje mmg susah.. tp..blaja..uh..mcm da penat..
xtaula.. act xready nak hadapi realiti yang berlaku.. da abes blaja.. kene tglkan kwn2..suasane yang kita lalui hampir bertaun tuh.. tp.. itu kan hidup.. kita terpakse lalui nye gak..
sooo..aku doakan ko berjaya dgn ape saje yg ko pilih.. ;)

ndeanuar said...

ayat kaw mcm org baru nak akil baligh hahaha :p

'changing to a new phase of life'

bak meh sini lirik lagu uh.
nak layan gak.

yg laser,
budak mate sepet.

noin said...

yep, tau xpe weyh.
walocamanepon still kene hadapi gak rite.
cam time kite abes m3x dlu ar kan.
mmg saat nk bpisah ngn mbr2 tu satu mende yg gile2 tanak la tp mmg kene face it la ..
thanx 4 de wish!! me olso always pray for ur success in everything u do. chaiyo'!!

haha sengal! ke ctu plak.. hehes ;P
dgr la lagu tu.
mmg masyuk weyh~~ ;)

D's noruaruwani said...

i still belum sedar diri.
dtg2 matriks.
n main2 game ngn junior.
siap men pepsi cola lg., belon air
dh jd fc plg tuwe kt cni.
nasihatilah i.
bile i nak sedar diri ni.
pdhl sume cm dok suh i get married.

noin said...

lol. u mmg, dari dulu lagi prgai kekanak2an ribena mmg dah sebati dlm diri.
tp ok wat, bikin awet mude tuh.. hehe

they even ask u to get married?
wallauwey~~ haha


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