Monday, June 15, 2009


Thanx Allah for giving me chances to breathe and live with my lovely family and friends.

All I wanna do now is smile from the east to the west of the earth. lol. But then, 1 thing hindered it. what???? I'd left my adapter there??! OMG! grrrr~ careless to the max! hnssgffff~~

omg, I got another story to share la. haha. Bout my lil bro -Apiz. Just now I saw him walking to the front door. n smiling at me as if nothing happen. Then he 'selak' the curtains and walking back to the room. lol. seems like nothing weird right? But there's something weird, where he's actually already sleeping in the room before this - maybe bout an hour before. lol. such a dreamwalker. so funny! hehe :P (belom campor lagi kalo die mengigau. haha)


AsYqEeN said...

ish..ko bia btol.. baek ko check..adek ko ke.. ooo.. 'sape' tuh..hahahha.. scary lorh..!

noin said...

haha sengal~
of coz la adek aku kan.
die mmg ske ngigau weyh.. ;p

Berry said...

ah kau juge ngigau tanpa d sedari !



noin said...

mane de, mane de.
rekod aku suci tanpe sebarang pengigauan okey~
hahaha ;D

saya lah said...

wa bajet dia mimpi aci2 buka pintu la

noin said...

tau xpe.
adek saye mmg begituh.
tak tgk g kalo die ckp ngah tdo.
bikin lwk di tgh2 mlm je.
haha :P

sory adek,
ko da besar t along delete entry ni.
hahaha :D

nisa ~ shasha said...

ni mesti dia inherit dr kakak dia :p

noin said...

terigt plak blaja genetik bio dulu sebut inherit2 nih.
tak loer..
daku tak besalah.. haha ;D


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