Tuesday, June 16, 2009


it's already 4.45pm. and the class is almost finish.

Ok class. Do you want to back home now?


I'll punch whoever saying no. haha

Ok, we can end our class now. See you tomorrow.

Me, beginning to shut down the computer that's currently used. But suddenly.

Ok guys, I wanna show you magics!

What? But just now he's already said that the class is dismiss. Ok, I'm gonna wait what's the magic is..

Ok, firstly, you have to click at the START button.
Then click at TURN OFF COMPUTER.
That's the magic thing I wanna share with you today.

*silent for a moment*

hahahahahhahahahahahahahahha. seriously so funny dude! That's my IBM DB2 tutor, Mr Agus. I really respect the way he teach us. Really enjoy (even sometimes feels doom whenever the points of our team has to be deducted as the reason of giving the wrong answer for the quiz).

And the examination day is just around the corner which is on the next Wednesday, June 24. Hope that I manage to answer it correctly and passed the exam. Goodluck all!



saya lah said...

gudluck 4 d xm!
n mr agus, u shud replace mr.mawikin

noin said...

thanx Lina! hehe
Mawikin? euww~ haha ;D

MoHFiR - Mohd Firdaus said...

hahahahaha!!! sgt kelakar!! i like this post!!! to all

try to type this at your 'run' shutdown -s


Are::Teem said...

hahaha...aku teruja gile!seyes lawak melampau!!!!!!!!!!!hahahahah

noin said...

mohfir: ouh, thanx mohfir. aku mmg tgu je point nk tulih pe pasal lec ksygn kite tuh. hhehe. try ok kwn2 ape yg Mohfir bgtau tuh.. :)

atem: haha. mmg lwok weh. dah tu, tiap2 kali abes kls aku mintak magic baru. haha

Nurain Nordin said...

hahahahha...klakarnyerr encik agus wat lawakk...skema arr lawak dierr...

ainn...gudluck taww!!

noin said...

haha mmg lawak.
aku gelak gile2 kat dpn tuh.. hehe

thanx ain :)


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