Friday, December 9, 2011

imaginary crush?

Jom, borak2 versi serius.

Quoted from somewhere:

"..and the pain you feel whenever he's with someone is self-inflicted. Why the jealousy? But really, you had no real conversation. It seems he's kinda shallow for you. But he does nothing and somehow someway you still like the idea that you'll eventually be together."

"Maybe you should talk to him? just as an idea.."

"the idea of me telling he's my crush is like suicide. But we really do talk. He's just like a "hello friend".

"If only girls could be honest... We consider it cute and brave when a girls comes and says everything she is feeling for us... That shocks our world."

Aku pulak:


tapi papepon, tepuk dada tanya selera, tanya iman.. Wallahua'lam..

p/s: aku steady je. ingat nak sambung master lah. hehes.


diLa said...

haha..steady, steady jugak.
jgn smpai its too late nti :p

Ain bintu Amir said...


huk2 :|


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