Wednesday, January 30, 2008

karaoke hours!

today went to metropoint located at Kajang with those honey bunnies-kak La and Ateh!
after finishing class at 2, we straightly walked to the bus stop not far from our faculty. *yawn* sleepy to the max coz there's no sign of rapidKL bus (or is it 'rabbit'?) heading to us. we wasted roughly almost an hour just to wait for that holyshit bus to come here. then there come Aizad and Giha asking if we want to follow them to Kajang. then Ateh (ain nordin) refused it and saying that we'll just taking bus to Kajang-waiting for Rapid lar. then they seriously invited us to have a ride with them. ok then, we get into the car and made our way to Metropoint.

straightly went to the karaoke centre and asking for student price. rm7 each for 2 hours! all of us made rm21 for 2 hours - compared with the standard price for 2 hours = rm30. huh wutta worthy paying for karaoke for 2hours there. not forget that it is in a room- the small one. not just in that small 'jamban'(this is what Dila and Ain called it) .. hehe

the first to sing is me: Siti Nurhaliza - Jerat Percintaan. hahahahaha gilebabi nye song coz it required a VERY high-pitched voice to sing that song! separuh mati ku nyanyi ... others songs that I choose are :
1. Opss I did it again - Britney Spears.
2. It's My Life - Bon Jovi
3. Anggapanmu - Ziana Zain (read: "Sekebun cinta nan berbungaaaaaa~" (in case u guys forget the starting of this song.. hehe)
4. Luluh - Kamikaze
5. Aris Ariwatan song (forgot the title)

Ain Nordin has a strong addiction to song that dangdut genre from Amelina, Iwan, Syida. She's quite good in singing and there's a time she told me that she's quite bored going out to karaoke. while for me, this is my first time going out to mall for karaoke. Dila lak quite good in singing those Ballads genre songs such as My All (though had some pitch problem - hey, this is a tough song for me though!) .

All I can say is, I enjoy singing with them so much!! love u guys! muackk! *let's go karaoke next time erkk??* hehe..

Kak La (Dila) and me having our pleasure moment - singing 'Ku Bahagia' by Melly Goeslow. jumping on the sofa like hell! hehe .. pity Ateh (Ain Nordin) gotta be our cameraman. kih3.. jangan mara er.. :P

forgot already what song we sang. but surely the ballad ones as we both relax singing it. heeh. note how i'm holding the microphone. cool! *hehehehe*

tadaaaaa! this is Ateh singing.. err soryla alr forgot the song u sang coz it quite isolated for me. hehehe :P

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