Saturday, January 12, 2008

pos sulung ku (my first post)

yep this is my first post here (after thousands trial bcoz of the email problem. sucks yet irritating. (actually im getting jealous to see others freely post their blog here and there, but hey thats doesnt mean that i don't have any blog before ok, got it at somewhere else-i swear! but its totally a privacy coz it used to be a place where i burst out my madness there)

now am gonna admit that im totally addicted to join some of the on9 forums.
just to name some of them:

reasons to join:
1. get others opinion bout current issues etc
2. spam ( though i do it seldom)
3. ask some coding ( mind u, i hate coding)
4. ask the technical problem (currently my handphone got problem with its joystick! sucks!)
5. love to see my count increasing (mind u, i dont spam or even start the rubbish topic! i love helping the mod.. lulz)
6. wutsoeva la...

ok am gonna share some info i got today.
i've download the orbit downloader.
its very useful (especially for those who a dload-philic like me)
interested? u r more than welcome to download it]


de_kerinchi said...

Terima kasih kerana memberi komen...

sekiranya inginkan contoh sapina sila emil kepada saya, saya akan beri contoh sapina terebut...

Tahniah atas pembukaan blog ini..langkah awal yang baik...disebabkan anda menggunakan bahaa inggeris maka eloklah anda mengambil peluang menghasilkan duit melalui hobi berblog...jadi masa kita tidak sia-ia...untuk panduan boleh rujuk di blog saya online explore


topan said...

u r more than welcome to leave ur comment here.

sume ni psl nk carik meaning sapin aka subpoena. :)


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