Wednesday, January 16, 2008


yesterday i attend the interview to be the narrator .. i thought that things will go formally but the one who's in charge is quite sempoi la.
speaking in malay also - seems dat shes dont mind at all. things went smoothly la but somehow, i could felt that my chances to be the narrator is only 0.00001% dude. maybe becoz the list of candidates is quite long.
just pray that I'll got the chances . actually my aim to join this particular thing is to get the RM200 maa. just read 180 sentences that voila, the money is absolutely yours (er, mine la...) enough then, let me share another story with ya (or am i alone here? waa quite happy if thats gonna happen coz i can freely talk bout myself or somehow can 'kutuk2' others freely. wawaw :P

i sometimes have problem while brushing my teeth. my toothbrush always jump off my grip. holy shit coz i have to wash the toothbrush ( n it quite disgusting if its drop on the floor, and for heaven sake, it never drop into the bowl. lol) then i have to repeat brushing my teeth from the beginning. FYI, I have my own style of brushing my teeth (sounds quite 'skema', but thats me . hehe)

ok la, enough then. malas nak taip lagi. hokhokhokhok. tata

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