Monday, January 28, 2008


Got presentation today bout 'Budaya mempengaruhi Personaliti Seseorang' . huhu nervous to the max. I present (or is it considered babbling?) bout criminal that massively occurred in our daily life. Just look at the headline in newspaper. Never missed this kind of news - everyday.

I present bout 'kelakuan abnormal' such as psychotic, neurotic and psychopathic. One of the example is a man worked as a geologist in Petronas, En Suhaimi on Sept 1999. He murdered his wife by stabbing her several time by using a knife. He didn't even realize what he currently doing based on the statement from a psychiatrist from Hospital Tanjung Rambutan. As the result, he was sent to take an intensive treatment in Hospital Tanjung Rambutan rather than being mandatory killed by the court. So thrilled as you never know who's among us that possess this kind of sickness.

Things went smoothly (i guess) till the question part from the audiences. There's someone asking bout the influence of 'budaya' that lead some guys to be a she-male( mak nyah). So I answered (thanks to my tutor tough for the help) that maybe the 'budaya' play a roles to make them being such a 'lembut' guy. Errr I don't think that my opinion help the audience but at least, I point out some of my opinion. Lol

K, stop here la. Wanna back to Zaba and eat for the lunch. It's already 2.40pm yet I don't have my lunch yet. Hungryyyy nyerr :P

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