Thursday, January 17, 2008


today my class started at 8 liao. quite lazy to woke up early but still manage to done it. tp disebabkn sakit perot, so cant avoid la gak from being late to class. Am glad that my lecturer don't mind at all for my lateness .. hhuhuhu selamat!

then got Soft Computing class at lab 6. diajar oleh tutor Dr K.O . Asal dari Indonesia upenyer (cant call them with the short name coz it's illegal.. err i read it from the old newspaper lah.. hehe) then got some language clash lar. quite funny yet pening2 kepala daku memahami step2 mgunakan MatLab uh (sape reti meh ajar weyyyy). psl image processing etc.ade skali tu die tunjuk bahan die wat time Master dulu (if Im not mistaken) bout palm recognition (pengecaman tapak tangan) woow amazing dude! awesome ngaaa... kne terer le nmpk nye bab2 mcoding ni beb. aku lak punyer la kong bab2 neh . xpe2 nnti aku da terer tau le :P (amenn)

then i decided to surf net la for a while after the class finished. unfortunately the lab is full to the max! hoh annoying (yep this is the feelings when u cannot found the vacancy at the lab) .. nk je aku tnye, "sape nk kuar agkt tangan! " lol xmoh ah wat isu lak kt cni.. kuang2. malu le beb bcoz surely la no one want to admit it (ye la kn, kalo ade manusia ckp skg time aku tgh sebok menaip ni, sure pndg muke die pon tak. haha)

then back to zaba. bought papaya n watermelon juice. ngangangnanga. imagine in the hot sunny day, eating papaya+ watermelon juice! slurp the very the nikmat to de max! then sleep lorh. wat to do more.

haiya tomorrow have to show my topic for Public Speaking to Ms Ng la.. I smses so many people asking for the most suitable topic. Kak Syifa (hey, ur name is already here, quick2 leave a comment for me.. haha) suggest me some topic; global warming, Benazir Bhutto etc. huhuh somehow quite factual n maybe I have to do massive research related with those topics. But hey, thx so much for the suggestions! then comes Ayuni (my lubly couz) suggest me to do a topic ; Intermetallic blablabl.. hoh smpi mati aku xkn amek tajuk tuh. miahahahah xD Aniki suggest topic : 'Things I would do if I'm a boy'. Quite interesting, then aku g r search via google, tadaaa = kuar something (not something actually, many thing la. haha) yg 'pelik2'. well, u guys can guess what its all about rite.. hokhokhokhok

n recently, me n my dearest rummet, Echato sgt2 le minat ngn mamat japang. Minat bangat same ituh group News . ade Ryo, Yamapi, lg sapetah aku da lupe. paling xleh blah time diorg sebot : "OICHI! OMAAAAII! ! " which means : delicious !!

heheheh.. end of my blog for today.. malas2 pnat nk taip . huhuh tataaa~

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