Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sweeney Todd

went to midVel today with Ain Nordin aka Ateh. kak La cant manage to follow us as her dad got an accident lak . hoping that everything's fine. today is thaipusam so i have a very strong feelings that there's no bus for today. then how to go watching my uncle Johnny er? after waiting for 30mins, there's a bus coming to us, but the sad thing is we are not the only two waiting for the bus but there's another 30 something (i guess) people waiting to rush into it. other alternative: taking a cab. ok then, we - as the laziest gals in the world- took the cab to commuter station.

here we already at Mid. bought the movie tickets n just loafing around. my favourite place to hang around is MPH of course! grab all the latest magazines and sit quietly on the bench provided. reading the hot stuff while eating cadbury choc. nyum2 absolute pleasure as i don't like to buying those girls magazine - they(the publisher) tend to rotate all the issues, ok maybe they do some research regarding to the contents, but who cares? haha

ok2 concentrate to the blog's title - Sweeney Todd- basically it's about a revenge towards somebody who use their power in the wrong way. so that the so-called criminal wanna do something to satisfied himself. this movie is an absolute 2 thumbs up product! it is the mixture of a forbidden love, sort of hillarious and some sarcastics element that can be related with our current life. (apekah ku merepek?) some hillarious part are when Todd wanna kiss his bride during their marriage and the way the Italian man speaking English - his accent. The most sad part is when Todd realized that the one he once thought a nuisance (the beggar) is his beloved and "she's so beautiful" wife. my tears started to burst on that very moment. the forbidden love ended with a drain of blood flowing along the city. *weep*

settled with the movie part. we then made our way to ukm. am so sleepy that i don't realized that i slept till 8pm. kelam kabut solat Maghrib. huhu. so tired feels like puke all the digested food in my stomach. *burf*

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