Sunday, January 13, 2008

this is my second post but the feelings of laziness is starting to blooming.
somehow, maybe because i don't have anything interesting to share with you guys or is it because I'm too 'berkira' to post here?

yesterday still loafing here in my house.

actually i wanna go somewhere to the mall to buy new clothes.
but things turn down as i woke up in the morning (though the time is another 30minutes to 12noon. hehe :P
the only figure i could found is my bro sitting front of the tv - watching cartoon i supposed.
then my mum called me to cook the chicken for lunch.
waaa she's already in her office.
so the plan to go shopping is totally melted-things same goes to my heart.
then she said maybe i should hang around with my friends as she is so busy with her work.
fine, thought this before lar.

wanna know what i'm doing just now?
running towards the tv because there's Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor as the co-host of Nona on TV3 today.
OMG, I'm blushing as I see him talk bout the criteria to be his wife.
nganganganganga *drooling*
ok then, I know that he had a girlfriend now, and somehow I thought they are match to be a husband and wife because the girl also a doctor. huhu ..

something to share:

1.have you ever heard that there's some old building that doesn't have the 13th floor?
or maybe they just empty the floor
or maybe they name it with other name such as 14a, 14b etc.
I read it somewhere that it has the relation with the superstitious in Chinese belief.
i embed a link to the forum discussing this issue:

2. the word subpoena (in Bahasa is known as: "sapina")
I've read in yesterday newspaper that Tun Dr Mahathir disapina untuk siasatan kes rakaman peguam blablabla -
actually, I don't really interested to follow that issue.
Just curious to know the meaning of the word "sapina"
Based on the meaning in wikipedia, "subpoena" means:

is "a command to appear at a certain time and place to give testimony upon a certain matter."

which means, in Tun Mahathir case, he's been ask by the court to attend to give his statement as the witness of that case. enough then :P

some links:

have fun by sharing our knowledge together!! :)

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