Sunday, January 27, 2008

Saga BLM

first thing that come up in my mind as i heard this new car's name is : what's that stand for 'BLM'? some people's tend to make a joke :
belum lulus ma
budget low machine etc
haha lawaks la mereka ni.
okla straight to the topic, at about 3pm i went to the showroom at Bangi with my parents and bro to have a look at the Saga BLM car. My first impression is: I don't like this car. I hate the boot's design. tonggek semacam. haha. after all, its just okey and affordable (lagi murah dari Savvy). I ask my dad why is it cheaper than Savvy then he answered that's because the material used is cheaper la. ok2 now i know'clearly' why. haha what ever..

*BLM : Based Line Model (the real meaning)

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