Wednesday, October 28, 2009

the call.

and there's an unexpected moment happened just now. I was khusyuk studying on how to configure product using Siebel apps bla bla blah. and then there's a call, from where? whom? of course I don't know la kan. Just appear the number la kan.

Imagine, me, having sweets in ma mouth, with ears plug with headphone (and of course with high volume tuned) and suddenly my phone ringing. Intentionally I switch it to normal mode, usually silent as my ringing tone is the memekak song : 60's TV from OAG. (klasik kan aku?haha) bcoz there's two miscalls while I'm leaving my cellphone here - went to pray on that time.

ok, then the person ask me.. wanna know more bout what currently I'm doing yada yada.. Then, without any proper preparation, I briefly give her an explanation on the current task assigned to me. Haiya.. sak gile. huu..

ok, finally I manage to merepek with that person. Thanx for wasting ur time listening to my so-called-4-months-job-experience. haha.



aSh aBd Rahman said...

ya.. can hear that.. u xplaining smtg.. but to whom? huhu

noin said...

aiyoo dengar ek? haha
to a person from somewhere. haha
btw, oredi told ya rite. haha :P

nisa ~ shasha said...

eh sape plak gadis misteri tu wey?

noin said...

ade org call aku.
mebi nk shortlisted utk intvw arh.
tnye ape ak wat skg sume..
haha tapi cam ampeh weh.
adeh la.. :(

diLa said...

ape ke sengal ko ni pon weh!
malang wanita itu.;p

noin said...

ye ar..
ak tak ready pape ar weyh..
huu T_T


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